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Amy Polacko

Amy Polacko

As a former television broadcaster, Amy is a natural public speaker who immediately connects with and inspires her audience.

She has spoken extensively – at Yale University, various women’s conferences, and at networking events – on women’s issues including empowerment, confidence, divorce, relationships, narcissism, domestic abuse, challenges facing single moms, networking and entrepreneurship. Contact Amy to have her speak at your event.

Amy Polacko

Past Speaking


Marilyn Serna

"She was the person to speak."

“I knew Amy was the perfect person to speak on networking at Yale University’s symposium and that’s why I invited her. She is always a dynamic speaker who gives so much value and her enthusiasm is contagious!”

  • – Marilyn Serna, Future Leaders of Yale, Yale University
Jennifer Zinzi

"She is undoubtedly one of the smartest women."

“Amy is undoubtedly one of the smartest women I know but what sets her apart is her warrior spirit and ability to connect with other women. There is no doubt that Amy lifts those around her with her passion, energy, empathy and generosity. I have heard Amy speak numerous times and she captures the audience like no other every single time and truly makes connections.”

  • – Jennifer Zinzi, Executive Director, of Ridgefield, CT Chamber of Commerce
Linda Cummins

"She is an empathetic and empowering advocate for women."

“Through sharing her voice and story, Amy is an empathetic and empowering advocate for women. Her willingness to be vulnerable and honest makes her relatable and the ally you want on your side.”

  • – Linda Cummins, The Women’s Center of Greater Danbury
Tara Gilvar

"She empowered hundreds of women to become the best versions of themselves."

“As a prominent leader of our Ridgefield, CT BIG pod for years, Amy empowered hundreds of women to become the best versions of themselves. She exemplifies the genuine qualities of an amazing leader, paving paths for women to experience confidence, financial freedom and true fulfillment in their lives.”

  • – Tara Gilvar, Founder of Believe Inspire Grow, a national empowerment organization
Pat Zachman

"Speaker who's willing, and more importantly brave enough, to share her story with our event audiences."

“As the provider of special certified services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, we seek guest speakers who are willing, and more importantly brave enough, to share their story with our event audiences. Specifically, we look for someone who, no matter what circumstances they may have endured, make the conscious decision to not allow those circumstances to define them. Amy is exactly that person. Rather than let the harsh reality of her experience consume her, Amy chose to use it to fuel her into action and become a staunch advocate for women.”

  • – Pat Zachman, President & CEO, Women’s Center of Greater Danbury, CT

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