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🚩Divorce Red Flags🚩
Avoid mistakes & protect yourself. 


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Divorce Red Flags: How to Avoid Mistakes and Protect Yourself will educate and empower you - so you don’t make the mistakes many women do in divorce.

If you’re thinking about divorce or in the process, this masterclass is for you! We will cover:

  • Making smart decisions
  • Picking the right legal process & attorney
  • Getting your “ducks in a row” financially
  • How to be strategic
  • Divorcing a narcissistic high-conflict spouse
  • Why you must be the CEO of your divorce
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About Me

I’m a Divorce Coach who helps women clients across the country take their power back - before, during and after divorce. I am also a journalist who writes for national publications like HuffPost, Ms. Magazine and NBC News on divorce, family court and domestic abuse.

I was in your shoes years ago. I was scared, confused and overwhelmed. In fact, I started and stopped pursuing a divorce many times. I wish I had someone to guide me back then and educate me on the basics – and how to move forward. That’s why I became a Divorce Coach to be the coach I wish I had.

I hope you take this masterclass to empower yourself! There is life, happiness and peace after divorce. I help women across the country achieve it and I have myself. I look forward to seeing you on Divorce Red Flags! 

- Amy


"I didn’t even know where to begin - and that’s why I kept putting off divorce. Amy gave me invaluable guidance based on her own experience, professional expertise and the stories of hundreds of other women. She helped me start the divorce process feeling empowered. "


Coaching Client

“I knew I wanted a divorce but was scared about how it would affect custody of my kids. Amy helped me strategize and prepare for those crucial discussions and negotiations.”


Coaching Client

“Amy has been a rock of emotional support and an invaluable resource on navigating the legal and financial maze of divorce.”


Coaching Client